Bryan Kuan


Event Producer and Designer extraordinaire!

Bryan Kuan (Event Producer/Designer), has been part of the hospitality and event industry since a very young age.  Coming from a proud family of hospitality professionals and culinary specialists, Bryan has parlayed his inherent skill-set of catering to guests and clients to serve the event and entertainment world.

Bryan has produced events for several high-profile clients, corporations, hotels, restaurants, and event-planners.  Finding the creative value and unique identity of an event is what Bryan strives for. He has a focus in breaking the mold of traditional wedding receptions into contemporary events with a modern perspective, yet he also understands the emotional impact of weddings.   Always respecting the priorities, creative inspiration, and direction wedding couples have, he will produce a wedding reception that completely brings a vision to reality.

Producing a seamless reception and event timeline is where Bryan will truly show his value. Approaching each wedding as if it were his own, he ensures that no stress or complication ever reaches the bride and groom.  The simple philosophy of "find a job that you love, and you won't ever work a day in your life" is a staple that Bryan has lived by and can confidently say has

served him well in business.  

In addition to being an Event Producer for weddings at Platinum Entertainment, Bryan is an owner in Partners In Sound Productions, NJ.  We're excited to have him on the team and know the collaborative effort between Bryan and the Platinum Entertainment team will only result in the wedding our couples wish for!