Sal Basile
Phone: 917-202-5030

Sal Basile’s passion for music began at the young age of 13 years old.


Since then he has laid the groundwork to turn his aspirations into a career that others can only dream of.  A career filled with high energy and non-stop dancing across the country.  In his early teens, just as his music interests began to peak, Sal began his road to success as a mobile Deejay.  Working private parties, weddings and events before moving into nightlife venues.   


His growing experience with production and a sense of accomplishment in entertaining, quickly turned Sal into a DJ in high demand.Performing as a DJ and Emcee for over 24 years, Sal’s career has ventured through every part of the industry.  Having performed at over 2000 weddings and events in his career, he would like to give you a little history of how it all began.


From the ages of 13 to 18, Sal began a Mobile DJ Entertainment company.  Giving him the opportunity to play music for very diverse audiences.  This began his experience and knowledge of how to keep consistency on the dance-floor.   Before long, he had the crowd chanting “One More Song” by the end of the night.  It was a party from start to finish when Sal was performing. 


While running his successful Mobile DJ Company, Sal then decided to take his talents to the clubs and created a very big name for himself in the night club industry as well.

From the ages of 18 to 27, Sal had elevated his night club career to the next level while still operating his mobile DJ Company.  During this time, Sal played and held weekly DJ residencies at very popular Staten Island, Manhattan and New Jersey clubs, such as:

  • Club Cylo

  • Xcurssion  – Resident DJ on Thursday’s

  • Hunkabunka

  • Heat – Resident DJ on Friday’s

  • Djais in Belmar – Resident DJ on Saturday’s for 3 years

  • Club Expo

  • The Tunnel


These residencies in turn opened the doors for him to become requested as DJ in nightclubs across America, using his production nightclub alias of “Plasmic Honey”. The experience he gathered from having performed at nightclubs all over America and other countries has been priceless.


Sal’s inspiration and energy brought him into the studio and he began to produce for a major recording artists on original productions and many popular dance remixes.  To date, he has over 100 releases and has done production and mix-shows. In addition, he has worked for MTV,VH1, Z100, KTU and Disney on highly credible projects throughout his production career.


Sal is now in his thirties and is happily married with a family of his own. He dedicates himself to his Brides and Grooms and shares with them his musical knowledge, assisting them in creating the “Wedding of their Dreams”, which they want and truly deserve.


Trusted and referred by many in the industry, Sal encourages you to contact him today to schedule a consultation as his calendar books up quickly.