Urban Wedding Chic

The wedding industry is booming right now and with so many options and styles to choose from there are some really inventive wedding trends that are defining wedding of the decade. Of course, shabby chic weddings tip one side of the scale with rustic doors at the altar and mason jars galore but let’s not forget about the urban chic weddings that are creating breathtaking, glamorous events to never be forgotten. Here’s a quick list of inspiration that can help you plan the ultimate urban chic wedding.

  1. Clean Lines. Mimic the elegance of skyscrapers around you and play with razor straight lines and contrasting black, white, and grey tones. Invitations are a great place to showcase this edgy, chic trend.

  2. Go Higher. Open rooftops, industrial lofts, and panoramic-view penthouses are taking weddings higher than they’ve ever been. The city views will be all the decoration that you need if you choose the right venue.

  3. Shine Bright. Bold draping strings of Edison drop lights and big, proportionately playful marquee letters will light up the space and make even the most harsh, industrial urban setting seem cozier.

  4. Splurge on Ambiance. The urban chic wedding trend is so much more about a feeling than a look and your guests will fall in love with your wedding through lighting and sound over anything else. Open, raw, urban venues drink up colored lighting and a professionally executed playlist will turn a black canvas into a perfect reception party.

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